The Dodges have an eye for the poetry of the visual world. Their photographs explore their love for art and nature and express a deep fascination with different ways of seeing.

A creative arts studio, Dodge Studio Arts is the offspring of Silver Maple Editions LLC, an art print gallery owned by Bill and Benedicte Dodge (1999-2013). Devoting its energy now to photography and art production, as well as art consulting, Silver Maple and Dodge Studio Arts continue to provide creative solutions for enhancing both private and public environments.

Bill Dodge completed his Bachelor of Arts at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia while moonlighting as a theater columnist and as the assistant manager at an art film house—Wormwood’s Dog & Monkey Cinema. A former bookstore owner, book editor and Montreal book columnist, he has also worked as a movie guide writer and programmer in the pay-television industry. Born in Montreal to a family with New England roots, his writing on the arts (high and low) and on politics has been published across Canada and in Vermont. A creator and co-owner of two independent art businesses—Silver Maple Editions in Burlington and the literary bookstore, Ficciones, in Montreal, Bill remains committed to a “small is beautiful” environmental vision. His photography has appeared in numerous exhibitions in Vermont.

Born in Montreal to a Danish father and French Canadian mother, Benedicte Dodge spent her early childhood in New York City. She is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design where she studied painting and art therapy and worked as an assistant art history slide librarian. Her own art-making interests range from illustration and collage to monoprints and the textile arts. Together with her husband, she traveled behind the Iron Curtain in 1984 on the Trans-Siberian railroad, visiting Hong Kong and mainland China. An avid gardener, her eclectic eye is always informing her art photography.


"Dwell in possibility."

- Emily Dickinson

"There's a crack in everything

that's how the light gets in."

- Leonard Cohen